A New name

June 6, 2023
A New name

Bible Passage: Isaiah 62:2-4

Who said it, to whom and where
We are talking about a God who can do all things

What is a name: it is your identity & a reflection of your destiny

Names originated from Adam – Gen 2:19-20

Therefore , A new name is a replacement of an old name.

My Areas of focus is Genesis 32

– A Young man called Jacob had a genuine love for God

– He was alone one night & God appeared to him face to face in human form

– He wrestled with God

– Gen 32:26- I will not let you go unless you bless me

God response

– What is your name asked God

– He said Jacob – it means a deceiver

– God changed it to Israel – it means you have overcome – Gen 32:28

– God blessed Jacob & honoured his name.

Good news for someone here today according to Gen 12: 2

– God will make your name great

– He will pour his blessings on you

– He will transform you & make you a channel of blessing

Benefits of new name

A new name attract favour to your life – Esau was on a mission to kill Jacob but when they met , he found Israel not Jacob . Israel cannot be killed
A new name changes your status
A New name attract favour and activates blessing

How you may have a new name

ByBirth : Luke 1:57- 64 – When a child is born you either call him or her a baby , but once a name is giving at the 8 days , it is a new day .
The day your barrenness end – I Sam 219-20: , you have a new name- Hannah is a case in question
I Chr. 4:9-10 –Jabez story – The day your sorrow ends you have a new name
When a single got married , her name changed to MRS . It is a new name – God can settle you by marriage
By academic progress – when you move from secondary to university , you have a new name
By promotion – from clerical officer – to the senior management
By salvation – 2 Cor 5:17 – if any man in Christ , he picks a new name
By divine encounter with Jesus – blind Bartimaeua Mark 10;49-a new sight is a new name
By divine pronouncement – God changed Abraham name from Abram to Abraham . Same with Sarah and Jacob – Gen 17
Self declaration – Job 22:28 – you will declare a thing and it shall be established