Your latter shall be greater

Your latter shall be greater – Haggai 2:9

  • Your tomorrow shall be better than today
  • You will end it well

Message of Haggai: The message was directed to the Jews who had just returned from exile

Purpose: he wanted them to see that they had deprived themselves of God’s blessings by allowing the temple building project to lie dormant.

3 areas of declaration

  1. The lord remembered the Jews after return from exile – The Lord will remember you
  2. Restoration – God promised to restore them – my father in heaven will restore all your loses
  • He assured them of riches - wealth . Poverty shall be far away from you .


Condition: Only if they sow into building the temple

Haggai 2:8- says gold and silver is of God – I will end the dryness in your life

My Prayer 4u

  1. I decree concerning you today that every of your appointment with disappointment is terminated in Jesus name.
  2. Every hand that is lifted to strike you this year shall wither
  3. Every tongue that is lifted to condemn you will go dumb.
  4. Every power that is placing demand on your finances  shall be disgraced in Jesus name
  5. As the sun, moon and stars never refuses to shine – your glory and that of your children will shine in Jesus name.
  6. Marah turned to sweetness, father add sweetness to my life in Jesus name
  7. You will end this year with praise