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Anointing Service 2017

Isaiah 58:6 - Fasting to activate your heavenly glory

  1. Set those who are held by chains free
  2. Untie the ropes that hold people as slaves
  • Set free those who are crushed
  1. Acts 12:5 - Fasting and prayer – set Peter fre

Conditions for freedom

  1. Live a life of holiness
  2. Be diligent in your relationship with people
  • Be part of a praying church
  • - Reliance on God alone
  1. Put your faith into action - don't just hear but act on it

  Jesus declare the anointing upon Him is to set the captive free

2 Kings 9:6- Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat was anointed king

  • Elisha instructed one of the prophet to anoint him
  • Purpose - To destroy the house of Ahab


  1. Every prayers that your parents have prayed concerning you that is yet to manifest ,  I activate it tonight
  2. From today henceforth, you will begin to find help at every of your turning in life
  3. As women carry their makeup bags with them, the Lord will carry you to your place of honour
  4. God will open His favour bags of healing, blessings for you
  5. Anytime , you hear or see your children, it shall be good news in Jesus name
  6. The Lord that made you to be here today will restore you and grant you a mighty testimony.
  7. I declare by the mercy of the Lord that every arrow of not ending well fashion against you will go back to the sender.
  8. I prophesy into your life that you will end this year well
  9. The world will see the evidence of God’s r grace and mercy in your life
  10. The Lord will take you out of the class of failure to the class of success this year in Jesus

My decrees - Job 22: 28You shall decree a thing  and it shall be established

  1. Whoever stopped your ancestors from achieving greatness that has vowed to stop you will not survive this year in Jesus name
  2. I decree in the name of Jesus at the time of your glory , sudden death will snatch you away in Jesus name
  3. I decree concerning you that from today good things shall answer in your favour this year
  4. Any pit that you might have been pushed into , with effect from now, I announce your total freedom
  5. Anything you lay your hands on this year , you will prosper
  6. I decree concerning you today, no power on earth shall prevent the will of God for your life
  7. I command every power / authority holding your dream, vision , liberty to release it now in Jesus name
  8. I decree every power that is making life bitter for you and your family will not see the end of this year in Jesus name
  9. I pray for all men / women of God that the work of God will prosper in your hand in Jesus name
  10. I declare by the mercy of the Lord that you will see the goodness of the Lord in Jesus name

 I command every rivers of failure, setback flowing around your life to dry now in Jesus name